Are you one of our 2 fantastic interns in the fall of 2018 ?



Bite Me is a startup with offices in the beautiful Villa Kultur on Østerbro in Copenhagen. We work in the intersection between food, people and design and develop and deliver interactive food experiences for a number of exciting projects and partners.

What will I do?

We are putting together our crew for the fall consisting of a total of 5 people in the office besides the numerous crew-members who are running in and out depending on the project. For this crew we need 2 interns;

  • 1 with an interest for and skills with photo and video.
  • 1 with an interest for and skills with product design, building up events and installations and/or scenography.

If you are curious about social media, creative development and/or public relations it's an additional bonus.

Who should I be?

Probably just yourself. We don't care much for exact education as long as you can agree to some of the things above beside being skilled, enthusiastic and of course excited about food, design and people. It's important to speak a fluent English while Danish would also be good but not essential. Importantly; you'll probably not get far without a smile and some excitement for when the world moves quickly on occasions. Also we need you to be able to be with us for at least 2 months but prefer a longer stay of 4-5 months.

What's in it for me?

We think that we rock. That's one thing and we are not gonna make you fetch coffee but rather invite you to be fully part of the crew and the chance to design an internship where we aim to challenge you exactly in the areas you want to learn.

The Villa we work in is pretty lovely and unique with both shared lunch, fridaybar and a network of creatives. Unfortunately we cannot pay a salary during internships but it's possible to add paid hours in connection to events or projects with for example practical tasks beyond the purpose of the internship.

What should I do now?

Write a mail to before the 17th of June. Include a short motivational letter and describe, what you can do, what you want and why you want to be part of the crew. Remember to attach CV and/or portfolio and so on.

Jonas Grøn