Copenhagen Cooking - the VIP launch

An experience + a talk


We were asked by the Swedish conference Alibis for Interaction to provide a experience that manipulated with the concept of High Tea and provided new excuses for participants to interact. Afterwards we gave a 15 minute talk to the participants about our work with creating experiences and the different steps behind the experience that we had just presented to them.

Pictures are from a test-run prior to the conference with Sweet Sneak Studio.

Apart from being lovely and inspiring people they posses both knowledge and tools that take meals from just eating to complete experiences.
— Luisa Carbonelli, co-founder Alibis for Interaction

A food institution

Our initial conversation and ask from the Alibis for Interaction was to serve the so-called Fika which is a Swedish cultural institution within coffee and cake and similar in many ways to the idea of high (or low) tea we have today. The first step of the experience was thus researching these food institutions and the food and drinks being expected.


Reversing sweet & savoury

As part of this our chefs went into experimenting with how to reverse the sweet and savory servings so cupcakes would be the "real" food and the filled white bread would be the dessert. At the same time coffee and tea was poured into connected wineglasses and a number of tools were provided to guide the eating and talking.


Connecting a 100 people

The next ask from the conference was for us to nudge participants into new conversations with new people without it taking away the feeling of being on a break. Thus the experience was designed to provide incentives for people to engage in conversations in fun ways rather than through force or expectation.


& facilitating interaction

Finally after a brief introduction on stage the participants were invited on stage and the curtains drawn back, so the roles were shifted. While they went out to explore the different corners of the stage and the food and drinks, our hosts guided them in person and through microphones

Jonas Grønadvice, customised