Mejeriforeningen - The Cheese Laboratory

Presenting food creatives


CPH Food Space was opened in 2016 as a building and community for the food start ups and innovators in and around Copenhagen. We contributed to the project from almost before the beginning which included a co-creation session with stakeholders (and food), curating a summer food program and providing input on space design, communication and teaching the food stars of tomorrow.

Pictures by Aurelia Hostettler.

Bite Me Crew didn’t only turn my ideas and dreams into reality - they added something to all dimensions. In that way it became my event as I had imagined it - just much better than I had dared to hope for. he food worked as both a framework, the musical element and the center of attention in an unforgettable way, that challenged the senses without ever becoming pretentious. Bite Me Crew was throughout professionals and constantly attentive in both preparation and execution. Every question was returned with at least one idea for realisation. Jonas and his team made it an evening that neither I or my guests will every forget and still talk about.
— Morten Østergaard, member of parliament and former Danish minister

Co-building a space

Our very first contribution to the CPH Food Space project was a pre-opening co-creation session, where we invited 20 stakeholders in the food and creative scene for an evening of exploring the space, diving into a treasure hunt for creative food and brainstorming ideas and visions for, what CPH Food Space should and could be.


Bringing together chefs to play

At the core of the program was to highlight different chef-talents and not only bring them to test their dreams for new concepts in public experiences but also bring them in on experiences that were hosted for clients and their selected guests. In that way CPH Food Space became a place to go to to host your own next creative food experience.


Developing a food program

The next step in the project was initiated after the opening, where we curated a program of different open and closed events that were all designed to highlight the best of what Copenhagen has to offer within innovation in food. We designed and executed concepts for wine bars, pop up restaurants, (food) parties, talks and meetings.


& hosting tons of guests

We had our facilitators in play to both coordinate the program and the participating chefs, teams and different partners and to host a lot of all the guests that came for either public or closed events and make sure that everyone got the very best experience that the space had to offer.