ING Bank - sensing presentations

Food guiding complex choices


We were asked to contribute to the development of content and presentation of it as part of a training program in ING Bank to empower their female leaders and shift the workplace culture towards the future. Together with the program participants we developed a food gift box aligned with the key messages of the presentation to the Board of Directors and using emotional and sensory connection to food to raise difficult questions.

Pictures by Sujata Majumdar. This experience was later featured by ArteTV and similar experience have been developed for a number of clients.

As unusual as it seems to use food to bring across concepts for teambuilding events or trainings, I have personally experienced it and highly recommend Bite Me. Their concepts easily fit into the time that is usual reserved for lunch or other breaks. It offers an opportunity to glue your program together, whilst the food experience remains light and relaxing for the participants. You’ll be surprised how food can connect people that may not know each other well yet or can be used to embed concepts for reflection or even topics around leadership. Alternatively ask Bite Me to prepare a foodbox for some post training reflection, you’ll be surprised how much effort can be put in to create a personal message.
— Jacomijn Vels, managing director - Global Credit Restructuring, ING Bank N.V.

Researching personality and taste

The initial research phase of the ING project lasted almost 3 months with especially focusing on developing the content of the program and the key messages in their final presentation to the Board of Directors. Afterwards the next step was to develop this into personality and leadership traits and then finding out, how taste was culturally related to these traits.


Creating 6 personal bites

Our chefs were challenged to work from the 6 different tastes and create a bite for each single one, that at the same time reflected the leadership and personality trait as a whole. Some examples were a 3 x salty and comforting slider or mini-burger and a sweet and rewarding candy treat recreated from grandparent memories.


Designing a boxed experience

Though we participated in the final presentation it was not our show to steal, so the entire experience and content had to be packed into a box that could be experienced by the directors afterwards. Thus our designer went to work on developing a personal hand-drawn representation of the different bites to make it approachable and we worked with the chef on bites, that could work as stand-alone servings.

& translating it to 3 questions

The presentation of the box, it's content and the message that it was intended to bring across also had to be facilitated all in writing. The front of the gift box guided the receiver into what was to be expected and to make a choice upfront - the inside of the gift box asked questions for the receiver to reflect on their choices and preferred taste and trait.