inspiring copenhagen to new experiences

For the yearly Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival we have both developed new experiences for the public as for example [etikede] and worked internally with the festival to inspire the existing partners with the yearly theme and coordinate their yearly VIP-opening. Together we have showcased the best the Copenhagen food scene has to offer in an engaging setting. 

Pictures by Caroline Arvidsson and Hazel Evans.


asking what is new?

Every year the organisation behind Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival puts out the question of, what is the new about to emerge on the Copenhagen food and drink scene? Twice our crew has presented the possible answers to this question at both internal networking events as well as at one of the VIP-openings. 


showcasing a theme

In 2016 we showcased the theme through our project [etikede] which was essentially focused on new ways that people interact and socialize around food and drinks today: parties and night snacks, street food and brunches. In 2015 we showcased it through a collaborative dinner highlighting the social aspect of the meal on a quay in Sydhavn.


inspire to conversations

For the launch of the theme for the gastronomy scene in Copenhagen in 2015 we introduced a selection of different emerging food trends, served on our networking boards to inspire a dialogue about, what was new next? Later the same year this presentation was translated into an interactive food stand titled "DIY Salty Soft-Ice" at the VIP-opening.


& promote it in experiences

The festival starts or rather pre-starts with an internal opening only by invitation to the partners, sponsors, collaborators and press. For 2 years we have helped with these openings by finalizing the program and coordinating the many different chefs, staff and special guests, that contribute to this program.