large scale food interactions

We designed and organised the culinary main act of the summer party for a 500 person major Danish company. Based on the theme Wonderland, we developed 3 different settings from a series of interactive starters to a table landscape and a dessert journey.

Food by Søren Aagard and Henrik Hedegaard
Pictures by Elisabeth Eibye
In collaboration with JCP Nordic


the challenges of 500 people

Any food event with 500 people faces it’s very own unique challenges. How do we move people, seat them and guide them? The menu and concept was created to help answer these questions and help people constantly move around in different rooms with several surprising food interactions.


edible landscapes

In the dining hall we designed an edible landscape so 7 different side-dishes were arranged directly on the table. Well protected by food-safe paper of course. The food was presented from stage upon which waiters walked in with the main course and continuously replenished the landscape.


inspiring edible entrances

The first act was designed to fully utilize the location with hallways and high ceilings. From the entrance to the dining hall we had developed fun food installations like liquid gold of honey and filo dough, the pink portal of salty “æbleskiver” and the flying ocean with marinated scallops.


choose your dessert valley

Finally the 500 guests needed to leave the dining hall to make room for the dance floor. Like any decent theater play the space of the first act had been remade for a new act with two dessert rooms: a yellow and a red. One by one, the tables would enter this experience before being led back.