& activating new designs

For the 2017 collection from the iconic Danish lamp producers at Louis Poulsen, we developed a series of bites inspired by the lamps in their new collection. The bites were combined in a treasure hunt experience of eating lamps and was organised at both of Louis Poulsen’s two showroom locations in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Food by Anna Laursen
Pictures by Aurealia Hostettler


“design to shape light”

We believe great experiences happen when designs are inspiring the food and drinks because it creates a seamless and coherent atmosphere. Louis Poulsen’s manifesto ‘Design to shape light’ was our main ingredient for that.


cooking up lamps

Next to each new product we created snacks that resembled the design in either colour, shape, texture or taste. They were made as food installations so it required some variation of, almost physical, interaction with the lamps.


guiding the experience

We designed a food experience to send their audience on a discovery of each individual new product. At the entrance the guests received a welcome drink with a small treasure map to guide them on their path.


reasons to stay

After the treasure hunt the guests could visit a cocktail and wine bar with small variety of draft cocktails with and without alcohol. We had also created a final food installations for the guests to mingle by and provided a DJ to set the mood.