playing around with...milk

For the European campaign Milk Moments we were asked to develop new ways to experience milk. Together with our chef Anna Laursen we initially developed 4 playful recipes including styling and photos. Later these recipes were presented for an audience of bloggers and press at a launch of the campaign in Copenhagen with the recipes printed on postcards for the guests to bring home. Finally a second edition with new recipes inspired by world cuisine and milk was presented to influencers.


feelings & milk

Milk has traditionally played a huge role in Danish society, and our starting point for this experience was to explore dishes, that we had an emotional and milk-related connecting to and then twist and mix them. We looked into the heart-warming milk and cookies, very traditional parsley sauce, the comfort of a warm toast and waffles and just for the fun of it - the milk beard.


developing recipes

Together with chef Anna Laursen the emotional connections to milk were twisted into new recipes. Waffles and parsley sauce were combined to a savory dish topped with bacon, the toast found inspiration in the Japanese milk-bread filled with cheddar and ham and the milk and cookies were reversed, so you dipped milk-cookies into chocolate.


styling & designing milk

Next step was to style these recipes for a photo shoot. With Anastasia Dimitriadis as the photographer there was written milk in Danish on the cookies, the waffles were plated on both plates, tables and waffle-irons for our client to choose from and they spend hours playing around with matching just the right lips to the right milk beard, before our chef ended up as the model below.


& Letting guests play

Finally these new recipes were served at the launch event of the campaign in Copenhagen with bloggers and press attending. We had a team making waffles at the spot, the Danish budding-expert came by to present a salty-caramel budding and of course the highlight was to let grown-ups design their own milk beard with candyfloss and milk powder.