introducing new cheese experiences

A thursday afternoon Ost & Ko invited danish food-bloggers and -journalists for a sensory exploration in a 100 year old Cheese Laboratory filled with interactive experiences created to awaken curiosity, increase cheese-knowledge and widen cheese-horizons. 

Bite Me was responsible for designing this experience for the campaign and later we repeated it for the cheese makers themselves at another location. A year later we developed the final closing event of the Ost & Ko campaign which lasted from 2015 - 2017. 

All pictures and video is by Andreas Omvik.


experimenting with taste

Across Denmark a number of hardworking people dedicate most of their life to making some quite impressive cheeses. Often they might only make one singly type of cheese and focus on reaching perfection with the raw material used and the production method. Our first step was to research these cheeses as well as the many different sensorial settings where cheese is used today: from doritos & wine-pairings to how to make one's own cheese. 


letting chefs play with cheese

Most of the stops on the hunt were the result of letting chefs play around with what cheese could be. They came up with havarti caramel cupcakes, cheese spices, cheese-crackers and matching lip balm as well as more traditional cheese and wine or cider pairings and homemade cheese or cheese fondue but just with a few creative twists. The stations were created by Anna Laursen, Rasmus Leck Fischer, Christopher Melin and the Holm siblings.  


designing a cheese hunt

Together with "Ost & Ko" we finally settled on 8 stops that our designer collected on a treasure hunt map: The Cheese Hunt. And we designed the 100 year old Villa Kultur to reflect the atmosphere of an old laboratorium that the guests could explore with their map. In every corner was a new creative approach to how cheese might be used and experts were standing ready to guide them in their hunt. 


inspiring new recipes

Finally the overall idea was to inspire food-bloggers and -writers to use this experience to make new recipes using cheese and under the overall theme of herbs and spices which were part of each step of the experience. At the end of their hunt they got to pack their own bag of cheese which they could use for creating these recipes together with the cheese spices or homemade cheese that they had created along the way. In this way the experience continued.