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When you visit our website, magically, information is gathered about you to adapt and improve our content. If you don't want us to gather your info by stealing your cookies, then you should delete them yourselves in your browser and stop using our website. Below are some more details about, what information we gather, for which purpose and who else might see them.

The short version is: We don't do much with data beside the usual analytics and newsletters and we store everything we have on external services protected by their security rather than homemade poor solutions. 


This website uses "cookies" which is a textfile saved on your computer, phone, tablet etc. with the purpose of being able to recognize your device, remember your settings and do statistics over website usage and behavior. Cookies cannot contain damaging content as for example malware.

It is possible to delete or block cookies in different ways depending on your browser. Ask grandpa Google for advice.

If you delete or block cookies you might experience slower loading and poor performance of the website and be required to fill in your details multiple times.

The website contains cookies from third parties, which may or may not include:

  • Squarespace (for analytics)
  • Google (for analytics and for sending forms)
  • Stripe (for payments and orders)
  • Mailchimp (for newsletters)

Personal information

Personal information are all kinds of information that in some way can lead back to you. When you use our website, we collect and store a number of such informations. It happens both during normal access to content, when you sign up for our newsletter, participate in competitions or surveys, register as a user, contact us or make purchases on the website.

We try to collect as little as possible ourselves because we honestly don't bother to but analytical tools such as Google & Squarespace do collect stuff like: a unique ID, technical details, IP-address, geographical location and how you behave on our site. We only collect the following data when you actually type it in and send it to us or register it: name, phone, e-mail, address and payment details. Or any random stuff you might enter into our contact form which is then stored in our emails.


We don't know much about technicalities so we have outsourced most of the data collection to big, established and semi-evil multinationals, because we actually trust them to live up to their promises (or be punished if they don't). The website will explicitly make you aware of it when we transfer you to a third party as for example our payment provider during purchases - only this provider collects your payment details and not ourselves as their security is much better. Similar for your details send through newsletter signup forms or contact forms which are either transferred through Google for the intended receiver or through Mailchimp for the newsletter and locked behind their 2-level secured log-ins. In this way we have done our best to make sure that nothing can be illegally lost, deleted, shared or used.


The gathered information is used to identify you as a user, register your purchases and payments and to deliver the services you have requested as for example sending you a newsletter. Also we use it to make our website better through knowing what you actually read and what you don't even look at.


The information are kept for the time allowed or required by law, and we delete them when they are no longer necessary. The exact timeframe is depending on the type of information and the reason for keeping them so we cannot give you a generalized date for when we delete things.


All this stuff is shared with third parties that are already mentioned above in the section on "cookies". It is primarily used for data purposes and for storing data to provide the services you have requested. The third parties are in other words only supposed to store the data on our behalf and cannot use them for anything else.

Sharing of personal information will only happen if you supply it yourself with this intended purpose or upon prior explicit consent from you. We only use third parties that are based in EU or in countries, which can guarantee your data is safe to the same extend.

See your data and complain

You can always ask for what data we have stored about you. And you can always complain about how they are being used and request that they no longer be used. If the information is wrong, you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. All of these requests can be send through our contact form. If you want to complain about our use of your personal information then you can contact the Danish authorities on this subject: Datatilsynet.

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