Festival Tasting 2-7pm May 11th

Festival Tasting 2-7pm May 11th

250.00 275.00

Pre-sale tickets are available at 250 dkk. Tickets at the door (if available) will be 275 dkk.

With our tasting ticket you get access to try out 100+ different wild wines guided by the producers, importers and the very regular customers themselves on Saturday May 11th from 2-7pm. There will be live music, fun and sherades and additional food and drinks for sale; all in the in- and outsides of Villa Kultur. After the tasting, the bar will stay open for a bottle of your favorite and may we also suggest that you join our Final Winemakers Dinner starting at 20?

Be aware that Vild Vin Festival is less of a tasting and more like a wild skydive into a world of sometimes strange, sometimes complex, sometimes surprising wines. We aren’t much into formalities, white tablecloth or certifications but very much into tasting wine until you can do so no more…

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