Final Winemakers Dinner 8-10pm May 11th

Final Winemakers Dinner 8-10pm May 11th

250.00 300.00

Pre-sale tickets are available at 250 dkk. Tickets at the door (if available) will be 300 dkk.

With our Final Winemakers Dinner ticket you get a great shared dinner prepared by our food maestro William Milsted who’s to put it simply, just plain awesome. All of it enjoyed together with a bunch of great wild wine makers. Be ready for a social and festive final dinner in the beautiful rooms of Villa Kultur with a menu inspired by traditional Sunday shared meals. The menu is:

- Carrot Tatar & Egg & "Sunny Side Down" Mayo
- Figs & Burrata & Balsamico
- Cevice & Peas & Habanero & Avocado & Kimchi
- Porkbreast & Bao & Cabbage & Kiyo's Sumo Sauce
- Whitechocolate & Black Currant & Vanilla & Olives & Liquorice
- Sourdough Bread & Whipped Mushroom-butter

If you are still in need of more wine for the dinner after attending the tasting during the day or if you first show up for dinner: it’ll be sold by the glass and bottle for coins and cards in our bar. You can join the bar from 7pm.

Be aware that Vild Vin Festival is less of a tasting and more like a wild skydive into a world of sometimes strange, sometimes complex, sometimes surprising wines. We aren’t much into formalities, white tablecloth or certifications but very much into tasting wine until you can do so no more…

Psst, no idea why we’ve added a picture of a dog beside for the fun of it. But it’s styled by William and photographed by always talented Emil Lyders ;)

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