Volunteer for Vild Vin Festival

Volunteer for Vild Vin Festival


As any self-respecting festival our backbone is made from great volunteers and you can be one of them! All our different volunteer positions during the festival come with free entry to the tasting itself and of course some free hours before or after your task so you can try all the wines (please stay recently sober if tasting before volunteering). We expect you to be curious about wine, food and people and smile through the entire thing together with us :) Sign up through choosing one of the positions or read more about the positions below.

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NOTE: the signup system works as our ticket system, it will thus treat you as a paying customer buying something for free. In other words you just leave the credit card fields blank but however still need to put in your billing address ;)
NOTE NUMBER 2: if you are also signing up a friend just add the product one more time before proceeding to check-out.

Entrance 12-15.30/15.30-19: Check tickets from guests and provide them with programs and glasses. Early shift help set it up, late shift help take it down.
Bar 13-17 / 17-21.30: Sell and pour beer, wine and sodas from our festival bar. Early shift help set it up, late shift help take it down.
Food & Wine experience 14.30-17.30: Guide the guests through our installation of food and wine pairings. This one puts you a little bit more on the spot so be ready for it. In exchange you’ll also be invited to the rehearsal a few days before.
Cleaning Team 14-18/18-22: Help keep the festival site clean including stuff like emptying trash cans and checking toilets. You can taste some wine while you’re at it :)
Dinner Waiters 18.30-22.30: Help serve the guests for our final winemakers dinner. This one puts you a bit more on the spot, providing for our sweet guests but hey - you get plenty of time beforehand to warm up.