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Take a moment and imagine how you want to feel about your gathering. Confident, passionate and in control of meeting expectations? Looking forward to the day of your event with ease? We know that putting a special event together can feel overwhelming and, frankly, a bit tiring. Yes because you care about your people, right? We can help you out here with either a Catering Experience or the entire Event Experience; just as we did with the Cheese Laboratory captured beautifully above by Andreas Omvik.


experience catering

Our experience catering is for when you are searching for creative menus and entertaining concepts to fit into your already existing event. It comes with: 

✓ Our Seasonal Menu
✓ Delivery
✓ Setup in our Food Installations
✓ Support by our Crew
+ possibly customized menu
+ possibly drinks and bar


experience events

Our experience events are for when you want everything from our experience catering together with full service, program and customization, just for you:

Everything from our Experience Catering &
✓ Plates, cutlery and it all
✓ Staff from our Crew
✓ Decoration of location
✓ Concept and program-partners
✓ Event management
+ possibly event locations

experience catering


menu + delivery + setup


Our experience catering can be divided into two scenarios. They work well each on their own but are also happy in each other's company. Installations and tables can be filled with our current seasonal menu or you can ask us to customize one for your specific occasion.



Bites are snacks you can eat while standing, talking, laughing. Okay, maybe don't eat while laughing. No cutlery needed, unless you include your hands. They are cold and can be warm; they can serve as starters or with enough selection as main course and dessert in one.


table interactions

When you want to sit down and take your time to eat, then our edible landscapes are perfect. Our way of social dining is not only sharing food but also using the table as a surface for plating. Buffet at your hands so to speak. You get to cut your own herbs, pass on dishes and spray on dressings and break clay shells.


We believe in personal service and good-old conversation and will call you up to discuss your request further. Or just go ahead and call us.


experience events


people + program + coordination


You need a concept, food, drinks, service, transportation, location, invitation, photographer or video and decoration to be beautifully tied together into one experience? Yes, we got you covered here! Want some of that? Check out how the process goes below and request a meeting with us, so we can put together a proposal for you, where food and drinks become your entertainment.


We believe in personal service and good-old conversation and will call you up to schedule and find out more. Or just go ahead and call us.


you request an offer or meeting

Based on our possible services you fill in some basic info for us to get to know you. Don't know where to start? Just call us up right away.

we call or meet to hear more

Depending on the amount of customization, we'll either speak on phone or set up a meeting to co-create the concept.

we provide a proposal & menu

Based on the initial talk we sketch a menu, program and calculate costs in a proposal for you. All of this is handed to you with no cost so far.

we hold your hand from there on

Once you or maybe your client accepts the proposal, it's just smooth sailing from there on. We'll be ready with support and/or coordination.