Open your street for a day

With StreetDinners, we wanted to develop the social impact of food for our neighbourhoods and society. The StreetDinners is mainly focused on the way food connects people and how cooking and eating together can be an occasion to share our stories. When this connection in the neighbourhood has been experienced once, it can create the foundation for a tradition.

There has been organised more than 50 StreetDinners in different cities in Denmark and the Netherlands. The project has been supported by the Amsterdam Committee for the 4th and 5th of May, the municipalities of Copenhagen and Amsterdam and the VSBfoundation.


understanding neighbourhoods

There has been more than 50 different streetdinners taking in place in just as many different neighbourhoods and every single dinner has represented their specific community. They are created based on gathering local coordinators and providing them with tools and the freedom to shape their own dinner rather than pushing forward a one-size-fits-all concept. It's community dinner created by the community itself.


breaking down barriers

When you compare StreetDinners to a lot of Bite Me's other work, then the main ambition here is the all-inclusive atmosphere for an entire community rather than a culinary manifestation. It is not about changing what people eat but rather changing how they eat and how they perceive food as a way to build community. The rest will follow.


a shared celebration

At the same time everyone wishes to be part of something bigger. It is the shared celebration across communities and across borders even that provides the motivation for the coordinators. Our communication-team has with every program been busy at work to design a red thread, that can be recognised in all dinners. One year it was table-cloths with messages and another an artist created color-your-own placemats.


sharing street stories

Over the years there has been invited local heroes to give opening speeches, local creatives have made movies and taken pictures and we have gathered a database of stories about the streets and the people who live in them. They are part of letting the participants shape their own street's identity.