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The following applies to all reservations, bookings and purchases of food experiences (henceforth “experiences”) between customers (henceforth “you”) and Bite Me Crew Denmark ApS  (henceforth “us”) with registration-number 36540079 and affiliated brand-names administered or coordinated by us. This stuff was last updated on May 26th 2018.

We will do our very best to keep all these boring practicalities simple and a bit fun. An important thing to note is that we deal in food experiences, events and consultancy but we do not make food ourselves besides for the occasional crazy experiment to develop new designs. Instead we work closely with a number of trusted and independently operating chefs - of course we vouch for their creative skills but they run their own food safety show, use their own suppliers and are in legal terms our sub-contractors.

Our conditions are individually tailored to 3 different scenarios and thus you can choose if you are: 

*A guest is attending one of our experiences purchased directly from us or by personal invitation from us.

*A customer is purchasing either an experience or consultancy for their own company or for their own guests, customers and so on.

*Someone else's guests are usually the people invited by or buying a ticket from one of our business customers.


A. our guests

  1. Attendance to an experience provided by us happens through either:
    1. purchasing tickets from us through the selected ticket-provider for the experience or at the location.
    2. by the invitation from us.
    3. or by being invited by or purchasing tickets from a customer (see Someone Else's Guest).
  2. Our confirmation of your purchase or your acceptance of our invitation serves as your ticket. Unless stated otherwise you do not need to bring it - we will have your name on our guest-list.
  3. You will need to make us aware of any allergies or dietary requirements for yourself or your company at least 7 days prior to the experience and we maintain the right to cancel and refund your ticket if we or the sub-contracting chefs do not see themselves able to safely cater to your request.
    1. Failure to inform us as requested in 3 will result in the possibility that we cannot cater to your needs and will cancel but not refund your ticket. Of course we might very well be able to make it all work out but no promises made...
  4. We maintain the right to cancel any experience up until 3 hours prior to it’s scheduled start. In that case we will contact you by either the phone or mail you registered in connection with 1.
    1. Unless cancellation is due to circumstances such as natural disasters and so on you can choose to have either a refund or a new ticket to an experience with available tickets.
  5. We do not refund fees connected with your payment. And our prices are usually excluding such fees.
  6. You cannot cancel your attendance but up until 3 days prior to the experience you are allowed to change the name on the guest-list to someone else.
  7. You can pay in the ways communicated by mail prior to the experience.
  8. Prices for private guests are including VAT (moms/sales tax)
  9. All ideas, concepts, design and content during this process and the food experience itself is and will remain the property of Bite Me Crew unless mentioned otherwise in writing. You are in order words not aloud to copy it, apply it yourself and so on for any commercial reasons but feel free to copy at home - at your own risk :)


B. our customers

  1. You can get us to provide your guests with an experience or assist you with a project by contacting us for a quote.
  2. We have a binding agreement from the moment we have both agreed to the details. That happens when you agree to our quote.
  3. After this any changes can only be made with the written consent of us... and of you as well of course.
  4. Any changes to the number of guests for experiences needs to be made at the latest 7 days prior to the experience. If the number is lower than the initial number we might increase the agreed price.
  5. If you cancel an experience less than 14 days prior to the agreed date of the experience, you will have to pay 50 % of the agreed price. This is because we invest many hours in customizing the experience to you.
  6. If you cancel an experience less than 7 days prior to the agreed date of the experience, you will have to pay 100 % of the agreed price.
  7. It is your responsibility to inform us of allergies or dietary requirements among your guests at the latest 7 days prior to the experience. We always aim to cater for anyone's special needs but it does happen that it is not possible and will inform you of this at the latest 3 days after receiving the information from you.
    1. If you fail to inform us of such requirements we are not obliged or very possible not able to live up the guest's expectations on the date of the experience and take no responsibility for this.
  8. In case of sickness or emergencies we have the right to cancel, change the crew or involve a 3rd party up until 5 days prior to the date of the experience.
  9. You can pay by invoice at the latest 8 days after it’s date of issue. Late payment will result in fees and payment of interest in accordance with the applicable law (renteloven).  
  10. We are entitled to request for a prepayment of up until 50%.
  11. Prices for customers are excluding VAT (moms/sales tax)
  12. All ideas, concepts, design and content during this process and the experience itself is and will remain the property of Bite Me Crew unless mentioned otherwise in the quote or additional contract. You are in order words not aloud to copy it, apply it yourself and so on without it being part of the deal.

C. someone else's guests

  1. We do not take any responsibility for guests who are attending by the invitation of one of our customers as they are solely the responsibility of the customer (B) and the terms listed in our agreement with this customer.
  2. We do however recommend to consider the terms that apply to our own guests.

D. Rights of cancellation

  1. The purchase of  experiences, events or in other words food-tickets are not subject to the rights of cancellation, when it is for a specific date. In other words, as a guest (A) you cannot cancel (but see A.6).
    1. You have the right to withdraw your purchase within 24 hours if the experience is more than 7 days away from the purchase date and will thus get a full refund with the deduction of possible payment fees applied by third parties.
  2. As a customer (B) you can cancel in accordance with B.5 and B.6
  3. As someone else's guest it is all up to our customer.

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