Pål Fernvall, Senior Entrepreneurship Officer, Denmarks Technical University

Bite Me has an exceptional skill to make the catering into an experience and facilitate meetings between people.

We chose to collaborate with the Bite Me for the one year birthday of DTU Skylab. We had a lot of ideas and wishes for how we wanted our guests to perceive our facilities. Anastasia was an attentive listener and was able to meet all of our needs and convert our ideas to actual servings during the day. There was a lot of design and thought behind all of it, and we were very impressed by the result and how they stayed focused on solving the task all along.
In all, the servings from Bite Me tied the program of the day together and enabled our guests to experiment, laugh and meet other people.

We would highly recommend others to use Bite Me for events and gatherings.

Jonas Grøn