Jacomijn Vels, Managing Director - Global Credit Restructuring, ING Bank

I have seen Anastasia at work twice, the first time as a participant and the second time as one of the organisers for an ING training programme where we involved Bite Me. As unusual as it seems to use food to bring across concepts for teambuilding events or trainings, I have personally experienced it and highly recommend Bite Me.

Their concepts easily fit into the time that is usual reserved for lunch or other breaks. It offers an opportunity to glue your programme together, whilst the food experience remains light and relaxing for the participants. You’ll be surprised how food can connect people that may not know each other well yet or can be used to embed concepts for reflection or even topics around leadership. Alternatively ask Bite Me to prepare a foodbox for some post training reflection, you’ll be surprised how much effort can be put in to create a personal message.

Jonas Grøn