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Vild Vin festival


Vild Vin Festival 2019 is on Saturday, May 11th!

Grab your calendar and cross out the date today. and maybe the day after for your hangover… Also buy your ticket below of course. If you want more info, click the headlines. Go go go!

Our festival tasting tickets for the day are sold out.

Festival Tasting 2-7pm May 11th
250.00 275.00
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Final Winemakers Dinner 8-10pm May 11th
250.00 300.00
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*it’s unfortunately a bit tricky if you want to buy tickets for both tasting AND dinner. You’ll just need to “add to cart” for one thing first, then go back and do it again for the other option. That way it should include both…technology, yes


2019 edition featuring (updated all the time):

Calalta by Nicola Brunetti (Italy, Veneto)
Fritz Salomon by Catherine Vass (Austria, Wagram)
Lise et Bertrand Jousset by Lise & Bertrand Jousset (France, Montlouis sur Loire)
Garbolund by Bertel Baagøe (Denmark, Annisse)
Le Raït by Jon Frederik Capoul (France, Bordeaux)
Clot de les Soleres by Carles Mora (Spain, Penedes)
Solhoi Cider by Martin Bech-Ravn (Norway, Oslo)
La grange de l'oncle Charles by Jérôme François (France, Alsace)
Lusenti Vini by Martina Ferri (Italy, Emilia-Romagna)
Asotom by Tommaso Gallina (Italy, Piemonte)
Copenhagen Winery by Morten Haukaas (Denmark, Copenhagen)
Il Farneto by Tommaso Turci (Italy, Emilia-Romagna)
Vigneron Marc Polo by Marc Polo (France, Roussillon)
Decideret Cider by Jakob Paludan (Denmark, Copenhagen)
Cascina Roera by Claudio Rosso (Italy, Piemonte)
Cordani by Federica Chiesa (Italy, Emilia-Romagna)
Anna et André Durrmann (Frankrig, Alsace) - represented by Extra Brut
Le Soula (France, Roussillon) - represented by Genereux
Ceppaiolo (Italy, Umbria) - represented by Azienda
Abbazia San Giorgio (Italy, Pantelleria) - represented by Vinhacker
Marcel Joubert (France, Beaujolais) - represented by Paris90

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About Wild Wine. About festivals. And about you.

Vild Vin (in English Wild Wine) Festival is a collaboration with very real winegrowers, -producers and -importers from all over Europe and with local Copenhagen chefs, wine-buyers and -drinkers. You might be either or more of these people and we’d love for you to join us. You can taste, work, drink, eat, shop or all of it at once. That was all about you.

Now, Vild Vin Festival is less of a tasting and more like a…festival. A wild skydive into a world of sometimes strange, sometimes complex, sometimes surprising wines. We aren’t much into formalities, white tablecloth or certifications but very much into tasting wine until you can do so no more… You buy your ticket and then you are free to play and taste as you please. It will all be accompanied by food popups, experiences, music and whatever else we or you come up with. That was all about festivals.

So, wild wines are our self-invented word for a collections of annoyingly hip labels. They are usually organic though not necessarily certified. Most people might call them nature wines but just try asking someone to define that. What they do have in common is to be very small productions created by passionate people who really aim to make the best possible wine in their eyes and with respect for their local environment. All this means that they present you with a whole world of unknown tastes for wines, if you aren’t already familiar with them. It also means that you might be tasting the very last bottle of a specific production, so you can’t always buy and bring home a crate, but we aim to have as wide a selection as possible available for you. And that was all about wild wines.

The festival takes place in the garden and magical inside of Villa Kultur and is co-organized by Bite Me Crew, Kaoskassen and a beautiful selection of importers, producers, chefs and more.


2018 edition featured:


Marco Cordani (Emilia-Romagna,IT). Andreas Durst (Pfalz,DE). Claudio Rosso (Piemonte,IT). Chiara Penati & Michele Conoscente (Piemonte,IT). Roberto Moretti (Tuscany,IT). Jon Capoul (Bordeaux,FR). Thyge Jensen (Arribes,ES). Martin Bech-Ravn (NO). Mikkel, Jørgen & Mads Petersen (DK).


Abbazia San Giorgio (Sicily,IT). Clos de l’Èlu (Loire,FR). Les Faverelles (Burgundy,FR). Lise et Bertrand Jousset (Loire,FR). Fabien Jouves (Cahors,FR). Podere Cipolla (Emilia-Romagna,IT). Karl Schnabel (Styria,AT). Meggiolaro (Veneto,IT). Le Clos des Jarres (Languedoc,FR). Le Bout du Monde (Roussillon,FR). Fattoria la Striscia (Toscana,IT). Weingut Brand (Pfalz,DE). Reynald Héaulé (Loire,FR). Stéphane Delettre (Loire,FR).


also 2018 featured:

Christian Gadient (BRUS). Linette Damsted (Mozaík). Ida Skriver. Efternøler. Anne-Cathrine Preiszer with the Bite Me Crew.