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wild wine festival


sharing a new world of wines

The Wild Wine Festival collects a number of Denmarks finest wine-importers for a completely informal tasting of wild wines* in an adventurous setting in Copenhagen. With a ticket you get your very own glass to explore all the wines without having to worry about anything but the tastes, the company and what to buy for home...

stay tuned for the 2018-edition, coming to a place near you in autumn


defining wild wine

Behind the scenes of the actual festival it has been an ongoing priority to use the gathering of the importers and guests to define a new category for wine. We have ended up calling it Wild Wine to capture the personality of these specific wines: it's not about them being certified organic or not but about the passion and intentions of the people behind the wine.


letting food meet wine

Besides the importers we have also invited different chefs to participate in the festival. The first year it was Anna Laursen and the second year Søren Aagaard and Henrik Hedegaard who were given the challenge to design a menu that meets different wines and then the importers would invite the dining guests to explore different flavor combinations.


developing a wild program

Through the years the program has continuously been developed based on input from the importers and guests. Our aim has been to create a festival feeling for what is otherwise usually a more static fair setup. This has been done through festival-maps, different style of rooms and time-slot specific program extras such as the "wild wine & food". 


sharing wild wine in photos & video

Finally the 150 people big (or rather small) festival has been about creating a personal experience for the few attending guests and inviting them to spread the word about a new world of wines. In the 2017 edition our focus was on creating a video that would explain the thoughts behind wild wine from the perspective of both guests and importers.


you're going, right?