the roskilde feeling for dinner

The biggest music festival in Denmark asked us to organise an extraordinary eating experience that could both serve as a food inspiration to their young audience but also strengthen the feeling of community on the camping grounds. We created a 24-course Street Dinner, where a 100 guests in 24 teams would each put a dish together and thus create their eating experience together.

Pictures by Hazel Evans and Hafdis Sunna Hermannsdottir

Roskilde Festival feeling

translating a feeling

For parts of our crew the idea of creating an experience at Roskilde Festival was quite exciting since they would have visited the festival as guests since being teenagers. Together with the festival the idea of an orange feeling was translated to an eating experience under the title "You never eat & drink alone" to communicate, that we are in this together.

Roskilde Festival cooking

a 100 people cooking-show

The 24 courses then had to be developed so they could both be prepared to almost completion in a small industrial kitchen on the festival ground and even harder; so they could be finished by a 100 young people in the middle of a camping ground with nothing but utensils, plastic gloves, a grill and a fire place.

Roskilde Festival Menu

24-courses for fun

This overall concept was afterwards further defined by our crew into the setup of the area and the development of the menu. There were 24 courses not because of a fancy idea of ours but because we needed 24 teams to have possible assignments for a 100 people. And it was designed to be fun and entertaining rather than fancy or formal.

Roskilde Festival sharing

share the feeling

To invite a 100 people for dinner at a festival with over 70.000 guests is of course a drop in the ocean, so to help spread the feeling and message the tickets for the dinner were designed as badges with "never cook alone", "never drink alone", "never clean alone" and "never eat alone". In that way guests could wear the messages back to their camp.

They hosted the most incredible street dinner pop-up I have ever attended (and I’ve attended quite a lot).
— Hazel Evans, Mad About Copenhagen

"As a facilitator, Anastasia is sublime, inspiring and coordinating over 100 of us party people to join forces and cook and serve for ourselves a 24 course meal - which, by the way, was incredible food, always with a playful twist! What I thought would be a 1 hour dinner where I'd take a few photos, eat something, and leave, turned into 5 hours of cooking, drinking, eating and enjoying life with all the great people I met."

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